Go Lo Pro's 4-Day Golf Program: Swing, Score, and Soar!

Welcome to the Go Lo Pro 4-Day Golf School that offers a unique golf training program and golfing experience spread over 4 days and 3 nights, creating the perfect environment for making those obvious improvements on your journey to going lower.

It’s not just another training session; it's a transformative journey. Nestled in the scenic settings of the iconic Kooralbyn Golf Course, this is where professional golf dreams take flight. Aimed at guiding passionate golfers like you, our goal is clear: lower your AGU handicap by 2-3 shots. Go Lo Pro is a golf school with a difference. And with PGA luminaries Randall Vines and Alan Cooper as your coaches, success isn’t just an option; it’s guaranteed.

Our golf practice programs include swing analysis sessions, on-course coaching, range drills, short & long-game assessments, and of course specific putting drills that allow the Go Lo Pro team to identify the specific targeted workshops to improve your golf game and lower your handicap.

Go Lo Pro helps you target those skills and mindsets that directly aid you firstly to shoot low with a pro, and secondly, to take these new skills back to your home course with the goal of dropping your handicap dramatically and for good.

1. Tailored Swing Analysis

Polish your swing with insights from our adept professionals. We delve into the specifics, ensuring that your swing stands out, round after round.

2. Peerless On-Course Guidance

Embark on our golf training program's on-course sessions that are truly unparalleled. Our PGA stalwarts are more than just trainers; they're your golfing companions guiding you through every putt and drive.

3. Bespoke Range Activities

Be part of our golf practice programs where each drill caters to your individual requirements. Witness marked improvement in both your long drives and close-up chip shots.

4. Precision-Focused Putting Practices

The putter’s challenge is real, and with our dedicated drills, feel your assurance level up each time you line up that shot on the green.

5. Detailed Game Evaluations

Through our comprehensive golf program, we shine a light on your innate strengths and areas ripe for refinement, ensuring you play the best game of your life.

Why Choose Go Lo Pro’s 4-Day Golf School in Kooralbyn?

When it comes to golf, the game is as much about skill as it is about the right training environment. And that’s where the magic of Go Lo Pro’s 4-Day Golf School truly shines through.

  • Comprehensive Learning: Explore the fascinating nuances of golf with our extensive golf program. Over a span of four fun-filled and instructional days, you'll be exposed to the best of professional golfing, ensuring that each swing, drive, and putt takes you one step closer to perfection.
  • All-Inclusive Package: Let's keep things simple and delightful! When you choose Go Lo Pro, you're choosing a hassle-free golfing experience. From the first tee-off to the final putt, every detail, be it your cosy accommodation, delicious meals, or the golf essentials, is meticulously catered for. So, all you need to think about is golf!
  • Expertise: Not all golf training programs are created equal. What sets us apart? Our secret ingredient: PGA legends. The chance to learn from touring PGA professionals is a rare one. Their wealth of knowledge, experiences from various courses around the world, and their knack for teaching ensures you're in the best hands. Think of it as a backstage pass to the world of pro golfing!
  • Flexibility: We understand everyone's golfing journey is unique. Whether you're eyeing an immersive 4-day adventure or wish to enhance specific aspects of your game in our intensive 1-day clinics, we have just the right blend of golf practice programs for you.

So, if you're looking to elevate your game, find joy in every shot, and cherish memories that last a lifetime, Go Lo Pro's 4-Day Golf School is where your dreams take flight!

You'll be trained by famed PGA professionals Randall Vines and Alan Cooper.
Absolutely! Our program caters to all skill levels, ensuring everyone benefits.
Our primary goal is to help you lower your AGU handicap by 2-3 shots.
Yes, our 4-day golf program is all-inclusive, covering accommodation, golf, and F&B.
Yes! If you're short on time, consider our 1-day golf clinics.

If golf is more than just a sport for you, it's time to join the League of Champions. Experience the best golf training program Australia has to offer and redefine your game. Go Lo Pro is not just about learning; it's about mastering the art of golf with the best. Sign up and embark on a journey towards golfing excellence today!