Elevate Your Golf Skills with the Go Lo Pro 4-Day Golf Program

You're not just enrolling in a golf school; you're tackling a transformative journey. At Go Lo Pro, we stand out because of our unique proposition - a golfing experience that spans 4 days and 3 nights. Our aim is to guide and coach golfers to lower their AGU handicap by 2-3 shots. This immersion allows us to focus on improving your game holistically, ensuring tangible improvements that last.

Famous PGA Golfer Insights

We are a golf school with a difference. Our edge? Learning from the best. From the iconic Kooralbyn Golf Course to the intimacy of personal golf coaching sessions with famous PGA golfers Randall Vines and Alan Cooper— their insights, paired with our structured program, guarantee a notable transformation in your golf game.

Why Choose Go Lo Pro at Kooralbyn Golf Course?

Tailored Golf Coaching: A Golfer’s Dream

Our 4-day program includes swing analysis sessions, on-course coaching, range drills, short & long-game assessments, and of course, our 1-day golf clinics and comprehensive programs that are crafted with precision, ensuring each golfer identifies targeted workshops that match their skill and aspirations. 

Go Lo Pro helps you target those skills and mindsets that directly aid you firstly to shoot low with a pro, and secondly, to take these new skills back to your home course with the goal of dropping your handicap dramatically, and for good.

More Than Just Techniques

Golf isn’t just about the swing; it’s about the mindset. Our unique golf psychology modules aim to shift your mental focus, giving your game the reboot it’s been waiting for.

The Go Lo Pro Difference

Standard lessons may give you temporary boosts, but our immersive golf workshops ensure long-lasting results. Learn from PGA expert players, and live the game hole by hole. Experience real golfing scenarios, making every learning moment count.

All-Inclusive Packages

From driving off the tee, and mastering the approach shot to the crucial putting, our packages are all-inclusive. Accommodation, meals, and unmatched golf learning experiences, we have it all covered.


On-Course Coaching with Your Own Pro Golfer

  • Constant evaluation by 'your' own golf professional, over four days, with unlimited golf course and driving range access.
  • 12 unique golf workshops designed to create an immediate impact.
  • Accommodation, breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all provided each day at a variety of venues.
  • Go Lo Pro, Shoot Low with a Pro—delivers the intimacy and immersion required when golfers desire to make real positive changes and improvements to their game.
  • Provides a value proposition for golfers of every standard.

Analysis and Personalised Coaching

  • Introduction to Kooralbyn's iconic and challenging golf course.
  • Goal Identification and Shot Analysis
  • Know your distance drills
  • Swing Videos and Swing Analysis
  • Tailored Workshops based on what you need to lower your handicap
  • Practical Coaching Workshops that identify your weaknesses and develop them into strengths while we offer our unique golf mindset program. So you can dive into our powerful psychology modules that shift and sharpen your focus mentally, giving you the biggest reboot your game has had in years.

Why a Golf School?

One lesson and hitting range balls does not cut it. The gains are marginal and the skills fade over time, Immersion is the key.

Join our PGA expert players to coach and develop your new game. It could be a swing rebuild or some tweaks required to strike that ball consistently. Doing it hole by hole, live on the course, in real-time with real golfing scenarios and PGA tour players to work your game is the Go Lo Pro difference. 

With a level of focus and no distractions, you achieve great results. This program is designed to focus on what you currently need to lower your handicap successfully by immersing you in your golf game and the things that make a real difference.

Meet The Team: Guiding Your Golf Journey

Randall Vines


Our president, Randall, isn’t just a golfer; he’s a golf legend, and an iconic Australian Golfer and Kooralbyn local. Randall is twice the winner of the prestigious Australian PGA Championship, plus many other national and international tournaments. He finished second in the Asian Golf Circuit, 'Order Of Merit' won the Tasmanian )pen by 17 shots, and won his local Queensland PGA championship. Randall qualified in the 1973 World Cup, finishing 5th. Randall is a famous golf professional and PGA Coach assisting other golfers to tee off with confidence. He is our head coach and CEO, and his passion is all things golf and making marked and quantifiable improvements to your game.

Alan Cooper

PGA Touring Professional

Winning over 100 sanctioned PGA events from 1975 to 2013 Alan has the experience to perfectly mould golfers and improve their skill sets required to lower their scores. Whether it is gaining length off the tee, mastering the approach shot, chipping, pitching, and punching, and developing the short arts of golf, Alan's unique on-course coaching sessions provide measurable improvements for golfers of any age or standard. Don't you want to enjoy the ball-striking element that brings us all back again and again, Alan is your man for this aspect of your golf.

Edward 'Teddy' Andrew

Swing Analysis and Workshop Facilitator

The heartbeat of Go Lo Pro, Teddy’s unmatched knowledge of the iconic Kooralbyn Course is pivotal in guiding attendees on their journey to success. Teddy is a local to Kooralbyn and has played this iconic golf course since he was 14 years old. His course knowledge is second to none and his connection with the Kooralbyn Course and golf in general creates the perfect storm for driving changes in attending students. Teddy has certification from Golf Australia and the PGA. 

Teddy will track your swing, evaluate your ball striking, and record it all, taking photos and videos for our Go Lo Pro on-course coach to analyse. Guiding you to the perfect workshop combinations will allow your game to improve quickly and permanently. Playing a round with Teddy is where your Go Lo Pro experiences begin, setting you up for 4 days of ongoing golfing success.

Allan Foulkes

Host and Psychology Coach

Bringing a unique perspective to the game, Allan’s background is different from the rest of the team and as such brings a totally left-of-field approach to mastering your golf game. Coming from corporate financial services and working as a professional trader, his psychological conditioning ensures that Go Lo Pro is unique and unlike any other golf school in Australia. The high pressure of the trading pit requires a strong mental mindset and Allan will explore this aspect of your game. Uploading your new 'update' to your mental software, will ultimately better manage your golf game moving forward. Powerful, effective, and logical


An immersive experience describes the perception of being surrounded by – and being a part of – a different environment than our normal day-to-day.

Ready to Transform Your Game?

Join us at Go Lo Pro and take the first step towards a game-changing golf experience. Book now and embark on a journey to perfect your swing, sharpen your focus, and lower that handicap!