The concept of golf lessons and golf coaching is not new.

The concept of committing to a programme of improvement, that allows you to revist our Go Lo Pro One Day Clinics again and again is new.

The Special Offer

Pay full price for your initial Go Lo Pro One Day Clinic and recieve your Go Lo Pro Membership free, which allows you to attend any other Go Lo Pro One Day Clinic for 75% off the advertised price for each event. Receive log in credentials for our membership site where you can access additional training modules, videos, links and also spots in future clinics and events, including reduced rates and special offers. 

One Day Clinic $1100 click on events page to see what is included

Spreading your funds that you would pay for coaching and lessons further than ever, in fact further any other school, clinic or group of lessons will offer throughout the year. This is a real cost saver and is incredible value.

$4,000 in real value for a fraction of that price, so you can continue to access a whole 18 month program of additional clinics. This long tem approach to immersive workshops that you can repeat and repeat again and again to really fix your game for good.

Do you want to learn more about our Go Lo Pro Memberships and the dates of our next scheduled On Day Clinics and Four Day Golf Schools?

Just think it is going to take a while to fix those aspects of your game and we know that there is no quick fix. This is a real solution, so you can keep coming back again and again! revisiting the training and coaching for 18 months.  

Value for Money

Ensuring you get real value and the required time to improve your game for good. There are no quick fixes just immersion in the right coaching, lessons, unique drills and exercises that fit your game, and what your game really needs based on where your golf game is at right now.

That is the Go Lo Pro value and it is designed to help players improve over a twelve to eighteen month period, which is realistic, cost effective and ensures that what you learn stays with you as we revisit, review and refresh the drills you need to succeed.

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