Why do ladies at my club play with more consistency?

This article is discussing the change in the degree of failure on a shot, which should improve if you hit shorter, and how hitting shorter has its advantages

Often, ladies do not hit the ball as far so their degree of miss is lower. Ladies have to hit very far right or left to make the lake, bush or hazard. Lower markers hit longer and so the angle before they hit the hazards etc is much smaller.

Length has its advantages, yet it can also be the downfall of long hitting golfers.
Ladies do not get in the real trouble lies due to the fact they hit mostly down the middle. Noted some holes across long carries are harder, but ladies do not have those crazy collapses as much as men due to their shorter, straighter shots.

Some degree of the dificulty of a hole is avoided from the ladies tees, be it the length or a gully for example. These small differences can add up towards more consistent scoring. Keep it up the middle, play to your handicap and do not take the miracle shot!