Why we try too hard with the lads?

Boys golf days or the regular boys weekend game, often push golfers to become their most competitive and often those competitive juices can lead to us pushing too hard and blowing up regularly.

The psychology of golf and the skills required, added with the need for regular and consistent performance makes golf into a tough sport, lets face it golf is tough for all of us. Throw in the chipping at each other and constant banter, often shared amongst regular groups of guys adds serious pressure to your game and pressure and stress does not help us mere mortals when trying too hard to smash the boys week in week out.

I play in three comps a week at my local course, Kooralbyn National, and I am lucky that I can. Yet Saturday is the members comp and I mostly underwhelm every week due to my competitive 'want to beat the boys' nature. While Sunday and Tuesday I am usually more relaxed, play quite well and am a lot easier to be around. My passion for beating the boys ends up cooking me every week, yet on the other comp days when I play with my wife or with the Veterans, I am happy Al.

The added stress and competitiveness and the 'Try Too Hard Harry' approach to golf is not condusive to posting winning scores.

I now know through many sesssions with golfers that I am not alone, not just one golfers woes, but many people bring this issue to the course on club days.

To solve a problem, we need to recognise the problem first.

Over competitiveness, that over keen need to wipe the floor with the boys pushes us into stressful areas and mentally your game collapses... often spectacularly. 

I have trained hundres of people one on one, in modules created to assist people overcome a weak mental mindset and develop a more powerful level of mental attitude and control.

The area were I cut my teeth dealing with this subject was not sports psychology. I worked with traders trading the financial markets who needed a strong psychology around their decisions and results. We are talking about individual traders trading their own accounts from home ,up to large professional traders trading millions a day working for large institutions.

The fixes we looked at using were key to managing their state and their ability to remain above it, apart from it and in control of something that you cannot control. Like a market moving against your position. How you react to that is going to make or break you as a trader.

The top echelon of sporting stars now have a fitness guru, a swing coach in golf, a putting coach and an attitude alignment expert. Most athletes in most sports require specialist training and diets. Their mindsets are similar but not identical.

Go Lo Pro have created specific psychological modules, drills and daily exercises to manage your emotions, to allow you to play golf with your head in tact.


One of the aspects of our Psychology in Golf modules is visualisation and the funny thing as a former trader and golf nut, where statistics, numbers, prices, odds, probabilities are a massive part on my world... with this one simple idea I managed to statistically improve every golfers consistency.

If you are interested in finding out more you can click on the link below to the video Psychology in Golf & Visualisation in Your Game.