3 Steps To Lowering Your Handicap

There are many ways golfers can use minute changes to improve their game, in fact golf is mostly about small granular improvements or those frustrating steps backwards we often encounter from round to round. Go Lo Pro help golfers better their game and lower their handicaps.

We have a whole 4 day school that helps golfers achieve this and it includes two key degrees of difference. Immersion with little all else but golf on the radar for four days and intimacy with the teaching professional.

If you havn't the time or do not know who we are yet then that is OK, so what we are going to do is to give away some focused content that may help your game.

3 Steps To Lowering Your Handicap
Step 1 Preparation

Preparation for your game should start mentally, best is to start thinking about your game at the time you start to pack your gear and load it into the car and set off. Your thoughts should be on your game, playing the first hole mentally and visualising each shot carefully will help you create a positive well played video of your game loaded into in your subconcious.

Sounds funny but think of this..

If you play a hole and 50% of the time you play it well, you have a memory of that and it sits in your concious memory and your subconcious mind.

If you play that hole perfectly in your mind again and again, you will then create two seperate memories, one that is mental only thinking about the way you took each shot and also the actual game you played, where you did take each shot.

Afterwards you brain will not know the difference, it is just a memory. like a little video playing in your head.

Here is the kiicker.. If you play it mentally you always play it well, 100% of the time. when you actually play it you play it well 50% of the time. This means between the 2 versions of the same hole, the memories are now half at 100% and half at 50% equals  75%... so by playing the hole again and again in your mind you are increasing your mental memory of the hole from 50% to 75%.

This occurs without hitting another shot, practicing or playing another round. It is like magic.

Mental improvements will help all golfers to improve. Fact!

Step 2 Pre Game Routine

Not getting to the course two hours early, hitting a hundred balls at the range and then chipping for an hour and putting for 30 minutes. You just want a routine that is repeatable, simple and covers a basic warm up. A few drives, long irons, shorter irons and some chipping and putting for say 20 minutes, something you can repeat again and again.

We do not advocate you to be 'all in' one day, then late and rushing to the tee the next game.

Controlling your pre game routine will keep you level headed and happy and also suitably warmed up and prepared. These are more likely to provide a level playing field when you repeat the pregame routine each time.

Step 3 Pre Shot Routine

This is a great idea and every golfer needs to incorporate some form of this into their game.

There are three imaginary boxes that sit from the ball backwards.

  1. The Thinking and Planning Zone
  2. The Tempo and Swing Speed Zone
  3. The Striking Zone

Six feet behind the ball lives the thinking zone

Thinking Zone

The thinking zone allows the golfer time to evaluate the lie, the distance, the best line in and a visualisation of the perfect shot.

A few feet closer to the ball lies the tempo and swing zone

Swing Zone

This is the area where you take your club and practice the swing. Managing the speed tempo and timing of the shot mentally is the point of this step in the pre-shot process.

Striking Zone

Step up to the ball, alignment is the key and then swing the shot the way you did while you thought about it in the Thinking Zone, the distance, club line, terain, wind etc. and then you feel the shot you played in the Swing Zone.


Think It Feel It Make it.

Find out more about this module you can email admin@golopro.com.au and we will gladly supply you with a PDF regarding this pre shot routine.

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