Do You Have A Perceptual Bias

Golfers with a perceptual bias will find putting more difficult as they are not actually aiming where they think they are aiming.

Aim and perceptual bias are rife in many amateur golfers game. Identifying them by golfers is difficult due to the fact that these aspects are not promoted or discussed, they are not advertised as important. Most people’s golf experience is based on playing on their local course and the periodic visit to Drummond Golf and Golf World (In Australia).

These are sales outlets and the mantra and structure of these businesses focus on sales… not lowering your handicap …but emptying your wallet. ‘New equipment is better so don’t get left behind’, this is the doctrine that golfers are exposed to. Golfers mostly buy into this ethos, as it is easier. Rather than investing in their golf skills and mind management of their own golf game. they buy a new putter.

Your perception of what is straight could be skewed or wrong. This will cause golfers to aim incorrectly from the start, this is a real issue.  

If you look straight at the line of the putt and you think it is straight but it is not, only a miss hit or miss read will actually go in.

Scary stuff this.

A simple T-line analysis can asssist in identifying perception issues and Go Lo Pro have created a range of exercises and drills designed to aid golfers to master their view of the hole.

If you want to find out more, click on this link below to watch a video that exposes this key flaw in many golfers ability around the green. Video Link

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